Learning about Primary Colors

Rainy days calls for indoor crafts. Here’s a great hands-on way to learn about primary colors and how mixing them can make other colors.

You will need: Blue, Red and Yellow (Primary colors). You can use paint to also illustrate the points. I used food coloring and water to do this experiment.

We started out by pouring water into three clear cups. It’s easier to see and easier to photograph too.

 We started by pouring red, yellow and blue into glasses. Nadia loved the patterns each of the colors formed.

This is the red and the blue.

Here is the blue and the yellow.

Finally, here are the primary colors.

The we proceeding to mixing them up.

Red + Blue = Purple

Yellow + Red = Orange

Blue + Yellow = Green

The picture to the right is Orange (Yellow + Red)

Here is the Green (Blue + Yellow)

Finally, as you can see below Nadia had a blast making her own abstract using the colors.

Note: All the above pictures are taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 18-55mm lens. I just moved to the new Fuji mirrorless X system and I am very impressed with the quality. Just got my gear two days back so still have a checklist to go through.

Happy crafting.


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