A lovely day for painting bird houses

Today had a great spring feeling to it. We spent the day outside and painted birdhouses.

Nadia chose her own colors. Right now she claims her favorites are green, black and blue.

I usually have a bad habit of interfering and directing her work. This time, I just let her be. No judgement, no raising of eyebrows at her choices 🙂

She patiently waited for each piece to dry before she put the birdhouse together with some help from me. It did turn out great.

As you can see from the pictures above, she’s mighty pleased with her work. We hung it in the upstairs balcony. Here’s hoping the rain does not wash the colors away.

Oh and don’t think that only children can have fun with this. Here’s one that I painted while Nadia was painting her. I also think I enjoyed it more. 

We tried 2 other versions of bird feeders. This one, I saw at a friend’s child’s birthday party. Pretty neat idea. Find a used toilet paper roll, cover in peanut butter and roll in birdseed. Hand it up and enjoy your little visitors.

This other one is from a pinterest I saw some weeks back. We took a used egg carton, cut it and hung it. Fill it with birdseed and you’re ready to entertain.



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